Jon Hamm Should Play Captain America Invades the Conan Rally

18 01 2010

Hey everybody, welcome back to the Hammblog! We’ve been off on our nation-wide tour to spread good word about casting Jon Hamm in the upcoming Captain America movie, so we haven’t had much time to post here in the last few months.

I wanted to share with you all the greatest success yet of the tour. Today, hundreds of fans of talk show personality Conan O’Brien gathered in NYC, Seattle, LA and Chicago to rally behind their favorite late night host while his tenure hurtles to a premature demise. If you haven’t been keeping up, The Jay Leno Show has been canceled and it is all but a done deal to put Jay back at The Tonight Show and serve Conan his walking papers. Fans across the nation have pledged their support for Conan as the behind-the-scene battle between Conan and NBC rages on, with over 250K having joined the “I’m with CoCo” Facebook group.

I attended the rally to serve a dual purpose: support Team Conan as a gesture to NBC that they have once again bungled their programming schedule and disappointed audiences, and spread the word about Jon Hamm being the single greatest actor who should play Captain America. It was a rousing success, as folks took pictures, I did an interview with Chicago public radio, and our sign can be clearly seen in the back of the local ABC news broadcast.

If nothing else, I would hope that Conan would see a picture of our sign and get a chuckle out of it. He’s made me laugh for so many years, I’d be honored to make him laugh even once.

Here are some pics of the signs!