Weekend Report: Boston

20 04 2009

Jon Hamm SightingsNearly four days went by without any new posts from the gang here at Jon Hamm Should Play Captain America. I apologize. As senior editor, I should have had more information prepared to keep the weekend fresh and fun for every loyal follower of the Hammblog.

I spent a few days in New England to attend to some personal business. As always, I kept my eyes open for Jon Hamm. I always want to be ready to talk business with him and let him know how our cause is going. I was also on the lookout for celebrities and studio executives. But it was a quiet weekend, with nary a Hollywood fatcat around. And it’s a good thing, too, because I was ready to confront anyone with any influence about getting Jon Hamm into the new Captain America movie, “The First Avenger: Captain America.” As readers of JHSPCA, you understand that this is an advocacy blog with one specific mission in mind. So, you must  be as vigilant as the rest of us here. If you see a celebrity, screenwriter, or Hollywood producer while you’re out getting your daily mochaccino, it is your duty to let them know about JHSPCA and how strong we are becoming. The segment of fans in the Jon-Hamm-As-Steve-Rogers camp has a voice, and that voice shall be heard!

Be sure to report your Jon Hamm sightings and interactions with him to us!