Jon Hamm, Class Act

15 04 2009

Captain America, one the greatest superheroes of the Marvel Universe, is also widely known as a huge boy scout. He doesn’t play dirty, he fights for justice, and he does whatever he can to help people. Just think about it, a superhero celebrity who gives of himself to help others. Sounds like a pretty great guy, right?Jon Hamm

Guess who else gives of himself to help others? That’s right, Jon Hamm. Just what is Jon up to? Well, all you Hamm fans (“Hammies?”) out there already know this, but America’s finest actor is auctioning himself off in a lunch for two on behalf of the Adrienne Shelly Foundation to help women filmmakers.

The Adrienne Shelly Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated in loving memory to the uniquely gifted actor and filmmaker Adrienne Shelly, whose highly accomplished life was tragically cut short November 1, 2006. It is in the spirit of her passion and vision that The Adrienne Shelly Foundation has been established. We know Adrienne would appreciate us doing everything possible to help young women pursue their filmmaking dreams, and to assist others in making the same leap from acting to writing and directing as Adrienne had done so successfully.

If her name rings a bell, it’s because you probably heard about the buzz about Adrienne’s last movie, “Waitress,” which she wrote, directed, and had a supporting role in. Tragically, she passed away prematurely, even before “Waitress” was released. Advancement for women in any industry can be difficult, and Hollywood is no different. Quick, name three of your favorite female directors! Some of you can do that, of course, but I’d wager a picnic basket full of cash that most people could not. The Adrienne Shelly Foundation’s mission is an important one.

This is something that celebrated performer Jon Hamm understands, and that is clearly why he is participating in this auction. Pretty classy guy, I’d say. I wonder, if Captain America was a real person, would he also auction off a lunch to help the advancement of women in film? I think we all know the answer. This is further evidence of how perfect Jon Hamm as Captain America in the “The First Avenger: Captain America” truly is.

Find out more about the Adrienne Shelly Foundation here.

Poll: Would you see a Captain America movie starring Jon Hamm?

14 04 2009

A new Poll is up at Jon Hamm Should Play Captain America! Be sure to vote!

Jon Hamm Vs. Matt Salinger

13 04 2009

John Hamm Versus Matt Salinger

Jon Hamm Versus Matt Salinger

Welcome to the first entry in a segment I like to call “Jon Hamm Versus,” where we will take a look at possible contenders for the lead role of Steve Rogers/Captain America in the upcoming film “The First Avenger: Captain America,” slated for release on July 22, 2011. First up, the man who donned the original red, white and blues in the 1990 version Matt Salinger.

The Captain America film in 1990 never saw a U.S. release and underwent a number of reshoots, presumably because much of the returned product wasn’t suitable for any audience. I did see this film back in the mid-1990s on VHS cassette, and I remember not hating it. Matt Salinger, son of reclusive author J.D. Salinger, was adequate as the hero, but did fail to execute the fish-out-water story of a WWII super soldier finding himself the strange new world of the late 1980s. To me, it all read as pretty bland television movie-of-the-week stuff. But remember this movie was about a dude who throws a shield, his only protection against bullets by the way, at various bad guys and machinery to take them out. Captain America is freakin’ badass. You know another character who fought in a war who was also freakin’ badass? That’s right, Donald Draper from Mad Men, played by Jon Hamm. I’m not going to spoil the details about Don Draper’s military days, but Jon Hamm shows a guy whose survival is obstructed by his greatest weaknesses and flaws, but still makes it out alive. And then after the war, Draper is a man who exudes strength and power as climbs the ladder at a Madison Avenue advertising agency.

So a weak protagonist who fights in a war only to emerge as a strong leader back in the country he loves? Jon Hamm’s done it before, so give him the shield already. Sorry Salinger, you’re a low seed on this bracket.

Jon Hamm wins!

Casting? Now?? You bet!

13 04 2009

This is the blog dedicated to gaining public support for casting award-winning actor Jon Hamm in the title role of “The First Avenger: Captain America.” You might think it’s crazy, but there were doubts about George Clooney as Bruce Wayne/Batman, and we all know how well that turned out.captainamerica1

All kidding aside, some of you more astute Hollywood insiders might think that casting is imminent and we’re just wasting our time putting together an advocacy site to get Jon cast. But think of this: Robert Downey Jr. was confirmed as Tony Stark in Iron Man on September 29, 2006. The movie was released basically 19 months and 3 days later on May 2, 2008.  Captain America is now slated for release on July 22, 2011. That really gives us until December 19, 2009 (8 months and change as of this writing) to get the campaign off the ground and in the face of the comic fans, the Jon Hamm fans, director Joe Johnston, and the studio executives.

Of course I know the search has been well under way for a long time, I’m not a complete moron. But until the deal is done, it’s anyone’s ball game.

Get ready, folks. We’re in for some fun times ahead!

Welcome to JHSPCA!

13 04 2009

This is the home of Jon Hamm Should Play Captain America, the advocacy blog dedicated to getting Jon Hamm cast as Steve Rogers/Captain America in Marvel Studio’s movie “Captain America,” due out in 2011. We’re just getting started, so look for sweeping changes and updates as time goes on!

Jon Hamm in 'Mad Men'

Jon Hamm in 'Mad Men'