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Dear Jon HammHey gang! Reply with a comment on this page to leave a personal message of support to Jon Hamm! It is not out of the realm of possibility that one day Jon may, in fact, read them all!

Without your support and optimism, this blog could not exist!


10 responses

16 04 2009


You’re a great actor! Keep up the great work!

29 04 2009

Jon Hamm! I’m a huge fan! Between Mad Men, 30 Rock, and that time you hosted SNL, you’ve proven yourself to be one of the most versatile and engaging actors of modern times! Plus, Jon Hamm’s John Ham looks delicious! Play Captain America! The world needs a hero! The world needs Hamm!

29 04 2009
Karen Roberts

Definitely the best choice for Captain America. So handsome, so macho and such a fantastic actor!

5 05 2009
Kathy Wiechers

Jon Hamm for Captain. Yeah I say! You are one Mad Macho Man and would look pretty good in tights. Plus you have the requisite square jaw and superhero hair.

12 05 2009

Jon –
If you play Captain America, I’ll actually go see a comic book movie AND enjoy it! Love your work!

24 12 2009

I just looked up the other guy this site mentions- Chad Murray…

…and Jon Hamm trumps him by miles. I’d definitely love to see Jon play old Wingtips.

28 01 2010
Judy Pokras

I’m for Jon Hamm to star in anything at all! He’s as talented as he is gorgeous and charming (I can’t vouch for his in-person charm, never having met him, but he sure seems charming in the TV interviews I’ve seen) and the more projects he’s in, the happier I will be!

12 07 2010


12 07 2010

Let us welcome our Canadian friend to the site, as he does not seem to understand what type of man it takes to play the heroic symbol of America’s perseverance.

14 05 2017

Jon Hamm is a demented sicko who should never have kids as his kids will befall the same fate as his past victims have endured. Karma is a bitch Jon and you cannot escape your past. Satan is catching up with you.

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