Where It All Began

28 04 2009

Captain America Comics Cover 1941

For ten cents, American, back in 1941, you got 45 “thrilling pages” of action and adventure, featuring Captain America! At this point in time, the bombing run at Pearl Harbor was still nearly a year away; the U.S. was not yet engaged in the war with Nazi Germany. But Jack Kirby and Joe Simon at Timely comics created Captain America, which represented their view that the U.S.’s involvement in the war as inevitable. The hero represented “American” values and a moral authority in the battle against evil. The pulp of those days would serve as rallying propaganda against the Hitler and the Axis powers.

The cover you see above is where it all started. Perhaps 70 years later, in July 2011, we will see the greatest interpretation of Captain America in motion pictures with “The First Avenger: Captain America.” With any luck, Jon Hamm, America’s Actor, will be in his red boots.


More to come!

28 04 2009

Jon HammHey gang, the crazy weekend is just finally getting over for me (Yes, I know it’s Tuesday evening…). More posts are coming about Jon Hamm and the reasons why he will make the best Captain America out of all the choices out there.

In our continuing series, “Jon Hamm Versus,” we’ve already run down six other candidates, and we will knock many more contenders as the summer season heats up. Comments are open all over the blog, and don’t forget to check out our Polling Central page. You can also leave a word of support to Jon Hamm himself (As small as the Internet is, he’s bound to come across it some time!).

The blog will thrive with folks like yourself who believe this is the man to get behind the shield! Don’t forget that Jon Hamm is America’s Actor, now and forever.