Weekend Report: Boston

20 04 2009

Jon Hamm SightingsNearly four days went by without any new posts from the gang here at Jon Hamm Should Play Captain America. I apologize. As senior editor, I should have had more information prepared to keep the weekend fresh and fun for every loyal follower of the Hammblog.

I spent a few days in New England to attend to some personal business. As always, I kept my eyes open for Jon Hamm. I always want to be ready to talk business with him and let him know how our cause is going. I was also on the lookout for celebrities and studio executives. But it was a quiet weekend, with nary a Hollywood fatcat around. And it’s a good thing, too, because I was ready to confront anyone with any influence about getting Jon Hamm into the new Captain America movie, “The First Avenger: Captain America.” As readers of JHSPCA, you understand that this is an advocacy blog with one specific mission in mind. So, you must  be as vigilant as the rest of us here. If you see a celebrity, screenwriter, or Hollywood producer while you’re out getting your daily mochaccino, it is your duty to let them know about JHSPCA and how strong we are becoming. The segment of fans in the Jon-Hamm-As-Steve-Rogers camp has a voice, and that voice shall be heard!

Be sure to report your Jon Hamm sightings and interactions with him to us!


Jon Hamm Versus Seth Rogen

20 04 2009

Jon Hamm Versus Seth Rogen

Welcome to “Jon Hamm Versus,” where we will take a look at possible contenders for the lead role of Steve Rogers/Captain America in the upcoming film “The First Avenger: Captain America,” slated for release on July 22, 2011. Next up, Jon Hamm takes on funnyman Seth Rogen.

You can’t throw a rock into the crowded streets of Hollywood without hitting some shmuck talking about the new Seth Rogen movie coming out, or one of Seth Rogen’s favorite movies, or potential casting news regarding Seth Rogen. He’s part of the Judd Apatow crew, storming through Hollywood and changing the landscape of entertainment at every turn.

Now, I happen to like Seth Rogen as a writer, and as far as I know, Jon Hamm has not sold a successful screenplay. I like Seth Rogen as a performer, and while Jon has done his fair share of comedy, Rogen is face of comedy today. Rogen has the comedic timing and charm to pull off a leading man role, as his box office receipts have shown us. So as casting news for “The First Avenger: Captain America” heats up, Seth Rogen’s name will inevitably be tossed around.

Can Seth Rogen play Captain America? Should Seth Rogen play Steve Rogers? Do audiences want Seth Rogen behind the shield? No, No, and if they have any sense, No!

Everyone loves a shlubby everyman, but that’s an archetype that does not fit into the superhero mold. Seth Rogen might make a fun sidekick or even a snarky villain, but he’s no Steve Rogers. Captain America is the ultimate soldier, who with fights with heroism, confidence and unabashed patriotism. Captain America is the type of guy people look up to, the one they aspire to be but know they could never be. The bar is raised far higher than what anyone could reach. It’s pretty safe to say that if people wanted to be Seth Rogen, most of them figure they’d have a decent shot if they tried.

Finally, somehow, Seth Rogen already has already laid claim to a corner of the superhero market: The Green Hornet.

Jon Hamm wins!

Having Fun

20 04 2009

So, Fuel TV’s Jordan Morris was up to his usual shenanigans when he interviewed the cast of “The Day The Earth Stood Still” last fall. Keanu Reeves  and Jennifer Connelly, consummate professionals and skillful performers, both, played along with him for big laughs to entertain the fans. We’ve known for years that Reeves and Connelly were classy A-Listers who are down to earth, intelligent, witty, and all-around good-spirited.

Well now we’ve got another Hollywood pro to add to the exclusive list of “great interviews” like them: potential star of “The First Avenger: Captain America,” Jon Hamm. We can’t embed the video, but here are some screencaps and a link to the video. Way to go, Jon Hamm. You never stop being awesome.

Jordan Morris Interviews The Cast



Jordan Morris is an Internet and TV personality, who produces The Daily Habit on action sports network Fuel TV, and is one-half of the Jordan, Jesse, GO! podcast from Maximumfun.org.

Everyone loves to vote

20 04 2009

jonhammballotSo, you’re a person who wants to cast Jon Hamm as Steve Rogers in the upcoming film “The First Avenger: Captain America.” You’re also a person who likes to vote on popular topics relating to that issue. Well, now you can go our central polling page to cast your vote in all the polls we have on the site. You can easily find it in the main header above.

You have a voice. Use it.